Jordyn, age 16, lives with her mother, father, and two younger siblings and has been exposed to domestic violence and parental substance use, as well as prolonged periods of separation while her father was deployed in Afghanistan. While her dad started treatment four months ago for PTSD and substance use and is beginning to make some progress, Jordyn started treatment just two weeks ago to address irritability, depression, trouble falling asleep, and nightmares. Worried her family may lose their home, Jordyn got a job; now she is failing classes and feeling totally overwhelmed. Early in treatment, the therapist assesses Jordyn’s safety and her heightened level of distress. As Jordyn becomes angry the therapist attempts to re-engage her by identifying supportive people in her life, and Jordyn accidentally reveals possible exploitation by her older boyfriend. The therapist attempts gather the details she needs for the authorities while supporting Jordyn and trying to keep her safe.