Frequently Asked Questions
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Exam/Exercise after 12 Core Concepts

The 12 Core Concepts course was excellent. Thank you for developing that and I intend to encourage others to take the course. I did find the exercise at the end, the matching exercise or exam, to be very poor. The words used to match with a concept were highly interchangeable. Even when going over the Resource printout, though responses in the printout made sense, so did other words explaining some aspect of the concepts. Because of this, I am hesitant to take a CEU course, not wanting to play a 'word game' that is so variable. Thank you for the opportunity to offer feedback.

I did not receive a certificate for the last presentation

can not find material

hello i am looking for a brief overview: the core curriculum of childhood trauma

How do i take a test for psychological first aid?

how do i take the post test for PFA?

hoe often should I take this course

earning CE credit towards my LMSW. How does it add on to my licensing requirements?

I cannot link to today's webinar

is there a link where I can join today's webinar? I can't find one for webex.

Hi, dear team! For my Master's Psychological First Aid Course I need to complete these courses and receieve my certificat. So, what I am doing?

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