Frequently Asked Questions

NCTSN Post and Comment Guidelines

The purpose of the NCTSN Post and Comment Guidelines is to encourage focused and respectful interaction on our social engagement platforms.

Respectful Interaction

The NCTSN encourages respectful and rich dialogue on our platforms. We ask that you follow the guidelines below when posting and/or commenting on our sites:

Stay Focused

When creating a post or commenting on a post please keep in mind the relevancy of it to the overall website or the content to which you are responding. Posts and comments should encourage further discussion by staying on topic.

Be Respectful

Posts and comments should be professional in manner.

Tell the Truth

Avoid spreading misleading information or false information.

Do Not Spam

Repeated posting of identical or similar content is counter-productive to open dialogue. The intention of our social engagement platforms is informative dialogue rather than aggressive promotion of services or products.

Comment Approval

The NCTSN holds at their own discretion the decision on whether posts are appropriate. Comments not approved or that will be removed include:

  • Commercial endorsement
  • Any content that is discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable

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