This series examines how military families interact with various service systems, including schools and the court system, and provides information on behavioral health supports available to military families when they are involved with these service systems.
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Experts from the DoDs Educational Activities (DODEA), RAND and the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement present on opportunities to support military children through school based initiatives
Experts from Department of Defense, ZERO TO THREE, and LSU describe risk factors to military families and children, including child abuse, neglect, domestic violence and substance abuse. The presenters describe ways that these families may come to the attention of the legal system and DoDs family advocacy program.
Faculty will feature an update on US Army Behavioral Health Services, including (1) types of services and initiatives available to soldiers and their families, (2) challenges facing military children and families, (3) coordinated assets (military and civilian) with focus on prevention and resilience, (4) and the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program. Dr. Faran will describe Army School Behavioral Health Programs, Child and Family Assistance Centers, and trainings and/or services available through CAF-BHP. Following the presentation, Dr. Faran will answer questions.
This presentation will describe 10 Key Concepts for providing competent and effective services to military families, including understanding military culture and service systems, the inner workings of military life, common challenges and stressors inherent to military service and family life, the impact of military service on family functioning, negative perceptions of mental health issues and services, protective/promotive factors, and barriers and challenges to serving service members and their families. The NCTSN Military and Veteran Families Program recently updated Military and Veteran Families and Children webpage. On this website, you can access the recently released factsheet Working Effectively with Military Families: 10 Things Providers Should Know.