In this series, members of the NCTSN Trauma and Substance Abuse Committee, as well as presenters with lived experience, offer perspectives on the intersections between trauma, caregiver substance use, parenting, and prenatal substance use exposure.
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In this webinar, presenters describe the connections between intimate partner violence and substance use. They discuss the impact of these challenges on parenting and children, and suggest strategies for working with affected families. In their presentation speakers focus on the perpetrator of the intimate partner violence.
In this webinar, presenters discuss the potential impact of opiates on the developing fetus and the baby. Three experts in the field of neonatal abstinence syndrome and one consumer, with first-hand experience, discuss the potential impact of opiates on the developing fetus, how medical staff assess and support babies and families exposed to opiates, and tips and techniques for parents and providers as they transition from the hospital to either the familys home or a residential treatment facility.
In this webinar, presenters provide participants with information about the effects of prenatal exposure to substances and trauma on children. Speakers discuss assessment and treatment approaches for youth and caregivers. A parent shares her story about experiencing the challenges associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
In this webinar, speakers describe the connection between caregiver trauma and substance abuse, the impact of both on children, and the challenges experienced by families when both substance abuse and trauma are present. Four different models of intervening in the area of parenting, substance abuse, and trauma are presented including two parenting programs. An attachment curriculum utilized in a residential program for women with substance use disorders and an adaptation of Child Parent Psychotherapy for parents and children in family residential treatment for substance abuse are also discussed.

Adolescents experiencing co-occurring traumatic stress and substance use problems have greater severity of symptoms, functional impairment, and are often involved with multiple service systems, including Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare. Caring for these youth can take a toll on family members. This webinar will provide a picture of the challenges experienced by families caring for youth with trauma and substance use, address the effect of trauma and substance use in the context of the family, and provide information on promising practices, supports, and resources for families. Featured speakers have experience leading local and national advocacy and support efforts and will share their personal connection to these family struggles. Participants will be able to (1) identify ways in which trauma and substance use are linked for youth and families; (2) understand the effect of youth substance use and family trauma on family functioning; and (3) learn about promising practices, supports, and resources for families.