Partnering with Youth and Families in Trauma Settings

Presented by the NCTSN Partnering with Youth and Families Committee, this series offers family and professional leadership development addressing the multiple dimensions of partnership with youth and families, including advisory board development, peer-to-peer support programs, and compensation for family members, among other topics.

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In this webinar speakersdiscuss strategies andresources required to identify and support leadership development amongfamily and youth. They highlight contributions that family and youth leaders have made to NCTSN centers and the vital role they play as advocates. A consumer describes how she recruited and developed national youth leaders and what the experience has meant to her.
In this webinar speakers discuss the importance of providing compensation for family and youth involvement. Presenters offer suggestions on locating resources for compensation,describe several models for offering compensation, and sharetips on how to get started.
In this webinar speakers present different ways of approaching peer-to-peer support and illustrate what resources may be needed for different approaches. Consumers share their perspectiveson how being involved has affected them and how they have seen peer-to-peer support processes benefit others.
In this webinar a consumer member of an advisory board describes the benefits of such boards to both families and providers.The secondspeaker discusses the rationale for creating a consumer board, as well asplanning and recruitment processes, and sheprovides tips for implementing and sustaining boards. The last presenter speaks about creating and sustaining neighborhood boards.
In this webinar speakers suggest practical ways to partner with youth and families within treatment settings based on different resources and organizational structures. The presenters' remarks reflect the perspectives of providers, family members, and youth.
In this webinar speakers engage viewers in building meaningful youth and family involvement in child trauma services at the clinical, program, and policy levels. This webinar spotlights the NCTSN product, "Pathways to Partnerships with Youth and Families in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network." This product is designed to assist agencies with evaluating their current efforts in the area of youth and family involvement and help them develop a plan for improving the family engagement activities they may already have in place.