The courses within this section provide resources only accessible to NCTSN Grantees and Affiliates. For an overview of the 12 Core Concepts visit the public course The 12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families.
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This course contains the CCCT clinical case vignettes developed by the NCTSN Core Curriculum Task Force, which are available to all NCTSN Members. Additionally, NCTSN Members will find information about CCCT Facilitator Training opportunities and an introduction to PBL.
This course is accessible to graduates of an NCTSN-sponsored Basic or Advanced Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma (CCCT) facilitator trainings. It provides the necessary materials to support you in planning, preparing, and facilitating a CCCT training. This site will also help you to network and collaborate with other Core Curriculum facilitators to improve your trainings and share resources.
A course for certified CCCT Community Facilitators
Training materials and communications for Advanced Facilitator Training in the Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma.
This course is designed to support professional care providers, paraprofessionals, caregivers, and caregiving systems who work with bereaved children, adolescents, and their families. It contains bereavement-related information-gathering and case formulation tools, case studies for discussion and training, resources from the bereavement research literature, webinar presentations, and web links to other bereavement-related resources.