This speaker series will tackle the specific strategies and challenges within each child serving system providing services to commercially sexually exploited children. 

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Research and experience tell us that youth involved in commercial sexual exploitation seek medical care—for a variety of reasons. In this webinar, presenters will explore the common reasons for seeking care, as well as challenges to victim identification. They will examine how survivors may experience their health care visit and what medical professionals can do to best serve these youth.
This webinar will give an overview of current issues and challenges for law enforcement and the juvenile justice system in assisting children and adolescents who face commercial sexual exploitation. The presenters will discuss promising approaches and models currently used in New York, California, and other communities to identify, intervene with, and support this vulnerable population. Presenters will emphasize practical tips and resources to assist law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals in supporting their communities’ efforts to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

This webinar presents the current status of mental health assessment, intervention and prevention for commercially sexually exploited youth, and future steps for improving mental health services for this population. During the presentation, first person reflections on the trafficking experience and insights for professionals working with trafficked youth will be provided by a formerly-trafficked young adult advocate.

This webinar will provide an overview of current issues, challenges, and emerging practices facing child welfare jurisdictions across the country as it relates to children who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. Representatives from San Diego, CA and the state of Rhode Island will discuss how their agency/jurisdiction identifies, intervenes, addresses safety, and works to prevent CSEC. Law enforcement will also provide a valuable perspective that focuses on cross system collaboration for identification and treatment of CSEC, as well as victim advocacy.