Offers information on integrated care approaches to supporting children and families dealing with traumatic stress and chronic health conditions. This webinar series includes the perspectives of clinicians, healthcare providers, and parents.
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In this webinar, providers and health care professionals will learn about the consequences and multifactorial etiologies of pediatric obesity and food-related behavior problems. Speakers will describe multidisciplinary preventive interventions and health promotion strategies to improve the health of families who have experienced trauma and will discuss special considerations for child welfare and immigrant populations. A guest family member will aid participants’ understanding of and strategies for improving family engagement in patient care. 
In this webinar, speakers will discuss an integrated approach to recognizing and responding to child and family traumatic stress when children have cancer. Speakers will explore the impact of the diagnoses and treatment on the child and family, discuss cultural considerations that may intersect with a family’s response, and describe their approach for assessing, managing and treating traumatic stress.