This is the English version of the Trauma-Informed Care: Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Unaccompanied Children webinar. Presenters will discuss refugee and migrant health, cultural studies, mental health, early childhood development, childhood traumatic stress, trauma-informed systems of care, and secondary traumatic stress. Best practices for culturally responsive and trauma-informed care will also be provided.
In this webinar developed by Lisa Fortuna, MD, Alisa B. Miller, PhD and Saida M. Abdi, MSW, foundational information is offered related to the intersection of culture, the migration journey, trauma and assessment. Description: In addition, recommendations for providing culturally responsive, child-friendly assessment and best practices are shared for working with interpreters for individuals who have direct contact with unaccompanied children (e.g., care provider staff) or work with people with direct contact with unaccompanied children (e.g., supervisors).
Developed by Javier Rosado, PhD, Susana Rivera PhD, and Luis Flores, MA, this webinar defines traumatic separation and grief and outlines the developmental impacts on youth. Additionally, participants will learn how to be responsive to the cultural and linguistic needs of youth. Participants will learn children’s common fears and perceived threats to safety experienced by youth exposed to traumatic events as well as culturally responsive strategies for staff to use when working with youth.